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SteelDone Group


The SteelDone Group is a one-stop supplier and coordinator for our customers, who are mainly shipyards and other suppliers and equipment manufacturers for the oil, gas and energy industries, including their offshore projects.

The SteelDone Group was established in 2004 as a joint venture between major mechanical engineering companies in northern Finland. The companies have extensive experience in providing demanding heavy-duty high-strength steel structures and assembly services for their Finnish customers operating in global markets. The companies expanded their operations to global export markets as one group, called the SteelDone Group. Thanks to close cooperation, exchange of expertise and extensive capacity, the SteelDone Group is able to provide all-inclusive service and equipment deliveries from engineering to installation and turnkey project deliveries.

In 2018 the company started cooperation with Norwegian company Maritim Sveiseservice AS in marketing and supply of metal structures and related services. In Russia SteelDone Group has operated since 2005 and in 2019 company started cooperation with Russian company OOO Kliver in marketing and supply of metal structures and related services in Russian region.







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