Thanks to our machining equipment – which is among the most diverse and robust in the Nordic countries – the SteelDone Group has the most suitable and efficient production machinery to meet your specific needs.

The Group has several specialised machining shops with a full range of machinery for all kinds of drilling, turning and milling. Our machinery can handle pieces of all sizes, including large and heavy assemblies and products. Our machinery is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and includes up to 5-axis machining with CAM programming. We can work with products up to 20m in length and 200 tonnes in weight in our milling centres, and products up to 13m in diameter and 5m in height in our carousel lathes. Detailed information about our machinery is available in the list of equipment.

Our versatile and extensive range of machinery ensures that we can secure reliable, high-quality deliveries. We are able to flexibly adjust production inside the Group should there be any changes in specifications or the scope of work. Because our machinery does not form a bottleneck in our deliveries or in the production of new products, we are able to develop long-term supplier relationships for the benefit of both parties.


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