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Our aim is to support our customers’ businesses by providing them with competitive services and solutions for their projects.

The expertise and resources of SteelDone Group are based on the over forty years of expertise of its associated companies in subcontracting and installation for various sectors of the metal industry. The first deliveries to the offshore industry were made in the 1980s, after which the companies’ operations and expertise have been actively developed to meet the requirements of even the most technically demanding projects. Our customers include the world’s leading companies operating in the fields of the offshore, shipbuilding, energy and steel industries.

SteelDone Group coordinates all deliveries depending on the customer’s requirements, and it also manages the compilation of the required documentation. This business concept allows our customers to procure large-scale deliveries from a one-stop supplier and with only one contract.

SteelDone Group offers extensive expertise and cutting-edge know-how from a wide range of sectors. We are able to provide you with solutions and deliveries for your most demanding projects:

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