Welding and prefabrication

We employ altogether over 600 experts in the metal industry in various production plants. We carry out our projects in close cooperation with our carefully selected network of partners, who complement our range of services – for the benefit of our customers.

We have state-of-the-art machinery for welding and prefabrication. Our extensive expertise ranges from the prefabrication of plate components up to the welding of demanding high-strength structures and special materials. We can roll form large cylindrical pieces up to a thickness of 150 mm, and our submerged arc welding stations can handle up to 9 m sections in diameter. Thanks to our steel foundries, we can optimize the use of welded and casted components in structures to meet our customers’ needs.

More detailed information of our equipment can be found on the attached list of Machinery and equipment and updating information on the new investments and equipmant can be found on the websites of each company through the links on the contacts page. 



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